Display controls how an element is displayed, including its alignment, spacing and size.

Class Scss Definition Compiled CSS
u-block display: block; Stays the same
u-inline display: inline; Stays the same
u-grid display: grid; Stays the same
u-flex display: flex; Stays the same
u-inline-flex display: inline-flex; Stays the same
u-box-sizing-content box-sizing: content-box; Stays the same
u-sep-inline-start border-inline-start: solid pxToRem(1) hsl(var(--color-border)); border-inline-start: solid 0.0625rem hsl(var(--color-border));
u-sep-block-start border-block-start: solid pxToRem(1) hsl(var(--color-border)); border-block-start: solid 0.0625rem hsl(var(--color-border));
u-sep-block-end border-block-end: solid pxToRem(1) hsl(var(--color-border)); border-block-end: solid 0.0625rem hsl(var(--color-border));
u-gap-2 gap: pxToRem(2); gap: 0.125rem;
u-gap-4 gap: pxToRem(4); gap: 0.25rem;
u-gap-8 gap: pxToRem(8); gap: 0.5rem;
u-gap-12 gap: pxToRem(12); gap: 0.75rem;
u-gap-16 gap: pxToRem(16); gap: 1rem;
u-gap-24 gap: pxToRem(24); gap: 1.5rem;
u-gap-32 gap: pxToRem(32); gap: 2eem;
u-column-gap-2 column-gap: pxToRem(2); column-gap: 0.125rem;
u-column-gap-4 column-gap: pxToRem(4); column-gap: 0.25rem;
u-column-gap-8 column-gap: pxToRem(8); column-gap: 0.5rem;
u-column-gap-12 column-gap: pxToRem(12); column-gap: 0.75rem;
u-column-gap-16 column-gap: pxToRem(16); column-gap: 1rem;
u-column-gap-24 column-gap: pxToRem(24); column-gap: 1.5rem;
u-column-gap-32 column-gap: pxToRem(32); column-gap: 2rem;
u-row-gap-2 row-gap: pxToRem(2); row-gap: 0.125rem;
u-row-gap-4 row-gap: pxToRem(4); row-gap: 0.25rem;
u-row-gap-8 row-gap: pxToRem(8); row-gap: 0.5rem;
u-row-gap-12 row-gap: pxToRem(12); row-gap: 0.75rem;
u-row-gap-16 row-gap: pxToRem(16); row-gap: 1rem;
u-row-gap-24 row-gap: pxToRem(24); row-gap: 1.5rem;
u-row-gap-32 row-gap: pxToRem(32); row-gap: 2rem;
u-row-gap-8 row-gap: pxToRem(8); row-gap: 0.5rem;
u-row-gap-12 row-gap: pxToRem(12); row-gap: 0.75rem;
u-row-gap-16 row-gap: pxToRem(16); row-gap: 1rem;
u-row-gap-24 row-gap: pxToRem(24); row-gap: 1.5rem;
u-flex-vertical flex-direction: column; Stays the same
u-flex-vertical-mobile @media #{$break1} { flex-direction:column; } @media (max-width:767.99px) { flex-direction:column; }
u-flex-wrap flex-wrap: wrap; Stays the same
u-stretch flex: 1; Stays the same
u-flex-basis-50-percent flex-basis: 50%; Stays the same
u-flex-basis-100-percent flex-basis: 100%; Stays the same
u-flex-shrink-0 flex-shrink: 0; Stays the same
u-flex-basis-auto flex-basis: auto; Stays the same
u-grid-columns-auto-1fr grid-template-columns: auto 1fr; Stays the same
u-width-full-line inline-size: 100%; Stays the same
u-width-250 inline-size: pxToRem(250); inline-size: 15.625rem;
u-width-280-desktop @media #{$break3open} { inline-size: pxToRem(280); } @media (min-width:1199px) { inline-size: 17.25rem; }
u-min-width-0 min-inline-size: 0; /_use to solve flexbox un-shrink problem;_/ Stays the same
u-min-width-200 min-inline-size: pxToRem(200); min-inline-size: 25rem;
u-min-width-100-percent min-inline-size: 100%; Stays the same
u-max-width-250 max-inline-size: pxToRem(250); max-inline-size: 15.625rem;
u-max-width-300 max-inline-size: pxToRem(300); max-inline-size: 18.75rem;
u-max-width-350 max-inline-size: pxToRem(350); max-inline-size: 21.875rem;
u-max-width-400 max-inline-size: pxToRem(400); max-inline-size: 25rem;
u-max-width-500 max-inline-size: pxToRem(500); max-inline-size: 31.25rem;
u-max-width-100-percent max-inline-size:100%; Stays the same
u-height-100-percent block-size: 100%; Stays the same
u-full-screen-height block-size: 100vh; block-size: 100lvh; Stays the same
u-min-height-100 min-block-size: pxToRem(100); min-block-size: 6.25rem;
u-min-height-184 min-block-size: pxToRem(184); min-block-size: 11.5rem;
u-min-height-100-percent min-block-size:100%; Stays the same
u-max-height-200 max-block-size: pxToRem(200); max-block-size: 12.5rem;


In the Appwrite console we control alignments by using:

Class CSS
u-main-center justify-content: center;
u-main-space-between justify-content: space-between;
u-main-end justify-content: end;
u-cross-start align-items: start;
u-cross-baseline align-items: baseline;
u-cross-center align-items: center;
u-cross-end align-items: end;
u-cross-child-start align-self: start;
u-cross-child-center align-self: center;
u-cross-child-end align-self: end;
<div class="u-flex u-main-space-between u-min-width-100-percent card">
  <div class="box">1</div>
  <div class="box">2</div>
  <div class="box">3</div>